Who we are ...

The Calabash Tree creates flavours from Trinidad & Tobago, two iconic islands that nestle off the coastline of South America at the base of the Caribbean.

The diverse culture that coexists on the islands - Indian, Creole, Chinese, European & Middle Eastern - have influenced a cuisine that is a vibrant mix of this rich heritage. The tastes and flavours delivered derive from the street food synonymous with the region. 

The infamous Doubles, roti and curried dishes are unlike the run of the mill street food you will have experienced!

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Introduction ....

As the owner/ chef/ web designer (in the loosest sense of the word) I was 'made in England with Trini parts', I have a love and passion for cooking and feel these flavours need to be shared and enjoyed.

I will be attempting to attend a number of events during 2016, I intend on keeping the site updated with my whereabouts, but will also be using twitter and Facebook to share my plans! I will also be hosting supper clubs later in the year and if you are in need of catering for an event please get in touch!!

Thanks for visiting!!


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